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Yves Noël

Yves Noël

Professor of Tax law at the University of Lausanne, Yves Noël advises and represents corporate and private clients in all areas of taxation. Former General Secretary of the Finance Department of the Canton of Vaud, he also prepares legal opinions for public authorities and professional bodies. A graduate of the University of Lausanne and New York University, Yves Noël practices at both national and international level.


Doctor in Law, University of Lausanne (1991)
(Mitchell B. Caroll Prize (1991) presented by the International Fiscal Association)
Bar exam (1992)
Master of Law, International Tax Law
(LLM, New York University (1999))
Professor of Law at the University of Lausanne since 2001

Fields of practice

Swiss and international tax law
Corporate tax law
Estate planning
Double taxation treaties
Wealth tax law
Tax matters for public and semi-public entities
Tax matters for foundations, associations and trusts
Criminal administrative law

Contact Prof. Noël

Yves Noël

Lawyer at the bar 

Doctor in Law

Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Lausanne

Editor of the two publications “Revue de droit administratif et de droit fiscal” (RDAF) and “Not@lex” (inheritance law from a private and tax perspective) and at the Swiss tax law archives

Member of the Swiss examination committee for tax experts, the Swiss Association of Tax Law Professors, the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce and the boards of various cultural foundations

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